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Al Sherman

Composer and lyricist Al Sherman was born in Kiev, Russia on September 7, 1897.

Educated at the Gymnasium in Prague in private music study, Sherman came to the US in 1911 and began his career as a pianist in film studios and with various publishing companies.

Sherman contributed songs to the Broadway Revues Ziegfeld Follies, George White Scandals, The Passing Show and Earl Carroll’s Vanities and film scores including The Big Pond, Sweetie, The Sky’s the Limit and Sensations of 1945.

Among his collaborators were Al Lewis, Abner Silver, Edward Heyman and Harry Tobias.

The Sherman catalog boats the standards “Save Your Sorrow”, “Pretending”, “On the Beach at Bali-Blai-”, “Now’s the Time to Fall in Love”, “Me Too”, “Dew-Dew-Dewy Day”, “You Gotta Be a Football Hero”, “Roses Remind Me of You”, “Over Somebody Else’s Shoulder”, “In God We Trust”, “For the Sentimental Reasons”, “Comes-a-Long-a-Love”, “No! No! A Thousand Time No!”, “The Mood that I’m In”, “Living in the Sunlight”, “Ninety-Nine Out of a Hundred”, “Got the Bench, Got the Park”, “Woodland Reverie”, “Never a Dream Goes By” and “When You Waltz With the One You Love.”