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Carmen Lombardo

Composer Carmen Lombardo was born in London, Ontario, Canada on July 16, 1903. Perhaps best known as the lead saxophonist and featured vocalist for the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, he was also a highly successful composer.

Carmen wrote the stage scores Arabian Nights, Paradise Island and Mardi Gras!. Among his chief collaborators were Johnny Green, Gus Kahn and Charles Newman.

The Carmen Lombardo catalog includes a host of hits made popular by the Guy Lombardo Orchestra including “Coquette”, “Sweethearts on Parade”, “Jungle Drums”, “Boo Hoo”, “It’s Never Too Late”, “It’s Easier Said than Done”, “Seems Like Old Times”, “Where Are You Gonna Be When the Moon Shines?”, “Get Out Those Old Records”, “How Long Has it Been?”, and “Marry the One You Love.”

Carmen Lombardo died on April 17, 1971.