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Stanley Adams

Lyricist and music industry executive, Stanley Adams was born in New York City on August 14, 1907. After receiving a bachelor degree from New York University he then graduated from its law school before taking his first professional assignment writing songs for Connie’s Inn Revue.

Adams collaborated with some the biggest names on Tin Pan Alley, most notably Lou Alter, notably Hoagy Carmichael, notably Ray Henderson, notably Victor Herbert, notably George W. Meyer, notably Sigmund Romberg, notably Max Steiner and notably Fats Waller. With these legends Adams penned the hit songs “La Cucaracha”, “Dust on the Moon”, “What a Diff’rence a Day Made”, “There are Such Things”, “My Shawl”, “Yesterthoughts”, “Jubilee”, “Stranger in the Dark”, “While You’re Away”, “Extra! All About that Gal of Mine”, “Seein’ is Believin’ and “With All My Heart and Soul.”

Adams contributed songs to several Hollywood and Broadway musicals including Duel in the Sun, My Reputation, The Great Lie, Road Show, Everyday’s a Holiday, Viva Villa!, The Show is On, The Lady Says Yes and Shoestring Revue.

Adams donated much of his time and effort to numerous music-related charitable causes, serving on the advisory boards of the Musicians Aid Society, the National Cultural Center, Music for the Blind, the American Federation of Musicians, the National Music Council, the President's Music Commission People-to-People Program, ASCAP, and the Music Commission of New York and he was honored by Philadelphia Printing House Craftsmen; Henry Hadley Medal (NAACC); NFMC Presidential Citation; Music for the Blind; Bedside Network; National Arts Club.

Stanley Adams died on January 27, 1994.