What some might call the original British invasion, began more than 50 years before the Beatles arrived in America, when a great music man to be, Jule Stein, left his homeland of England with his parents, bound for the United States. The year was 1912, and the young boy who would one day become Jule Styne, Broadway and Hollywood composer extraordinaire, was on his way to America's heartland of Chicago.

Several years before, the youngster, taken by a rich uncle to the London Hippodrome to see the great Scottish star, Harry Lauder, was so excited by the music that he jumped to the stage and began prancing and dancing about with Lauder. Amused and impressed, the singer advised musical training for the lad, and so it followed after the move to Chicago, the father, Isadore Stein, virtually bankrupted himself on a second hand upright piano. Almost from that moment on, the young Jule took lessons and soon began performing, seldom to ever look back. He often accompanied such stars as Al Jolson, Ruth Etting, Fannie Brice, and Sophie Tucker.

In 1934, tiring of gang warfare, Styne and his wife (he had married six years before) moved to New York, where he took over a vocal coaching business from an ill friend, Al Siegal. Successful as a vocal coach, Styne was soon discovered by 20th Century Fox president, Joseph Schenck, who brought him to Hollywood to work with such stars as Shirley Temple, Alice Faye, Tony Martin, The Ritz Brothers and others in that studio's stable. From 20th, he moved on to Paramount Pictures, where he met and collaborated with Frank Loesser…

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