Songwriters Hall of Fame Chairman Emeritus, 2010-2014

"Jimmy Webb is one of the only contemporary songwriters who can write songs right into the orchestra, and his songs have 17-layer emotions and sophisticated chord charges that are absolutely dazzling," says singer Linda Ronstadt, who pays musical tribute to Webb by performing many of his songs back-to-back in her concerts.

Ronstadt is certainly not alone in her recognition of the extraordinary talent of this Oklahoma-born son of a preacher. Indeed, the critical acclaim composer Jimmy Webb has received during his almost thirty years of success is as remarkable as the accomplishments they honor: Webb is the only artist to ever receive Grammy awards for music, lyrics, and orchestration. He is a member of the National Academy of Popular Music Songwriter's Hall of Fame, the Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame, and, according to BMI, his "By The Time I Get To Phoenix;" has been the third most performed song in the last fifty years, with "Up, Up And Away" on the same list in the top thirty. Webb's, "Wichita Lineman" has been listed in MOJO Magazine's worldwide survey of the best one hundred singles of all time in the top fifty. The National Academy of Songwriters also name Jimmy as 1993's recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award, although TIME Magazine was early to acknowledge Jimmy Webb's range and proficiency back in 1968 when it referred to his astonishing string of hits, and commented on, "Webb's gift for strong, varied rhythms, inventive structures, and rich, sometimes surprising harmonies." Jimmy was also inducted by actor Michael Douglas in November '99 into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame…

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UP, UP AND AWAY Jimmy Webb
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